Enjoi Repeater Resin Yth Soft Top Black 6.75 – 1249sek

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Rek.pris: 1249

Soft Top:
· Soft EVA foam top layer. Good for knee boarding and children learning to skate.

MICRO Youth Complete:
· Great for 5 years or younger.
· Shape scaled for young riders.
· Custom concave for more control.
· Improved wheel formula for park and street.
· Softer bushing for easier turning.

Resin Complete:
Specifically designed for durability and performance. The Resin deck is lighter and keeps it’s pop longer than normal water based decks.
· 7-ply 100% Hardrock Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue.
· Single Deck Press (Same shape and concave every time).
· Carbon Steel Speed Bearings.

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Artikelnummer : 10517642Y
Varumärke : Enjoi
Namn: Enjoi Repeater Resin Yth Soft Top Black 6.75
Färg: Black
Storlek: 6.75
Rek.pris: 1249